Withover twenty years of Martial Arts experience, Kimberleybrings a unique perspective to Pilates. The focus placed on biomechanics,posture and breath in the Martial Arts is reinforced in all of her Pilatesclasses.

In 2003, while undergoing treatment for acute back pain, Kimberley wasfirst introduced to Pilates. Although initially for rehabilitative purposes,she found that the core development improved her Martial Arts performance andenhanced many other parts of her daily life too.

The technical aspect of Pilates appealed to Kimberley’sMartial Arts background, as they both support the principle of proper form to maximizepower. Understanding that her skills in these two disciplines to be mutuallybeneficial, Kim committed herself to achieving her STOTT PILATESTM teachingcertification in 2008.

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Michelle Jaycampkid.png

Traditionaldisciplines of Karate and Yoga form the basis of Michelle Jay’s distinctiveapproach to Pilates. Range of motion and flexibility are principle componentsfound in all of the Pilates classes she teaches.

An active lifestyle involving competitive triathlon training, Martial Arts andmany other outdoor interests fashioned Michelle’s introduction to Pilates.

Early in 1999 she suffered ligament damage in her right knee. Although surgerywas suggested a physiotherapist who was treating her injury recommended Pilatesto strengthen this specific area. Pilates helped Michelle to improve stabilityin her damaged knee but more importunately by improving her posture and formshe is better prepared to avoid future injuries.

STOTT PILATES TM certified in 2006, Michelle operates a growing Pilates programat The Mississauga Academy of Martial Arts. Complemented by her Martial Artsbackground, Yoga experience, and history of completive sports Michelle'steaching style is unique. Drawing upon her past experiences she helps athletesdevelop key strengths for their specific sport; although, her clienteleencompasses people of all fitness levels and backgrounds.

Donna Kelly – Mat Pilates Instructorcampkid.png

Ahealth and fitness enthusiast for most of her life, Donna began practicingPilates to treat a chronic injury. High impact activities had triggeredpersistent back pain and Pilates was recommended to her for its treatment.

Immersing herself in Pilates the pain disappeared and Donna found that herperformance in other activities improved too.

Eight years of Pilates trainingand seeing first hand its many benefits influenced her decision to make Pilatesher career.In 2016, Donna earned her “Mat Pilates” certification and retiredfrom her successful but stressful 20-year corporate career to teach full time.

Donna truly is a people person and enjoys helping and enhancing the livesof others. As a Pilates Instructor, her goal is to create a class experiencethat is inclusive, fun, energetic and safe for all.

Zhanna Striletscampkid.png

I came to a Pilates classafter having my child just to get back in shape and found that it was so muchmore. I practiced Pilates for many years before I decidedto become an Instructor and share my experience and passion for movement and well-beingwith others.

I am always fascinated how functional Pilatesmovements are and how much better you are at connecting to your body.

Being atrail runner, I quickly realized how important a strong core is to any kind ofmovement. I am so excited to help you learn the Pilatesprinciples and fundamental movements to discover how strong, balanced andconnected your body can be from the inside out.

Kim Cyrcampkid.png

KimCyr brings a unique perspective to Pilates with her AMA Pilates program. Herprogram is structured to serve small groups, accommodating the degree ofpersonalized attention normally seen only in a private class. For the Pilatesclient looking for that next level Kim’s program will offer many rewardingchallenges.

Kim has been a student of Pilates since 1996. While undergoing treatment foracute back pain, following the birth of her second child, Kim was introduced toPilates as a means of pain therapy. She enjoyed the way Pilates made her feeland soon noticed how many of her other daily activities became easier.

Kim’s Martial Arts background harmonizes with the technical demands of Pilates.The mutually beneficial aspects of these two disciplines made it easy for Kimto commit herself to achieving her STOTT PILATES Teaching certification.

Presently Kim Cyr’s Pilates credentials include:

Intensive mat-plus certification (Stott IMP)

Advanced Mat certification (Stott AM)

Injury and Special Populations (Stott ISP)

Intensive Reformer Certification (Stott IR)

Bartenieff Fundamentals of Movement Anatomy of the Body in Motion

Health and Weight Loss Coach (Canfit)

Kim began teaching Pilates at The Brampton Academy of Martial Arts in thespring of 2000, growing from two classes a week to the extensive program nowoffered. In the fall of 2007 she opened the full time AMA Pilates studiolocated at 13Fisherman Drive, in Brampton.Operating seven days a week this studio is fully equipped, offering day andevening classes in a personal setting.

In addition to the Pilates classes that she teaches, Kim oversees all of thedaily activities at AMA Pilates: structuring the program, class schedule, andmanaging the instructor base. If running a full time studio were not enough Kimcontinues to be a Pilates student, expanding her knowledge and expertise inthis discipline.

Over the years Kim has had the opportunity to work with a wide range of clientswith many unique needs. If you are seeking to improve your posture, strengthenyour core muscle group, improve your sports performance or recover from aninjury – please contact Kim Cyr at



41 Main St. N.
Brampton, Ontario
Tel: 905-450-9925