Pilates For athletes

Do you want to improve your golf game?  Have a stronger swing? Take seconds off your race? 
Then add
AMA Pilates to your training regimen.

It will:

- strengthen your core
- increase your range of motion (ROM)
- increase your body awareness enabling you to move more efficiently
- increase core stamina
- improve body alignment therefore not overworking certain areas

campkid.png“I have been involved with ‘When I started working with Kim Cyr I was positive that the Pilates would not help with my poor flexibility, but Kim proved me wrong. I have gone from not being able to bend down and touch my ankles, to being capable of almost laying my palms on the ground.

Our instructor Kassie is great.  She works with all of our unique needs to ensure we get the most out of our time with her.  It’s great to get your workout done during the day. So many of us have other commitments once we get home, that we do not take the time to look after ourselves.

This is a great way to get “me” time.  I would highly recommend it.  We are going into our 3rd session and I believe this will continue for some time.”
My new range of motion has helped me tremendously as not only a nationally ranked swimmer, but as a rep soccer player too.I have found that when striking a soccer ball, I can now follow through powerfully without feeling uncomfortable or off balanced. Additionally, I feel more comfortable on the blocks at the start of a race, and now have more undulation in my stroke.My swim season has just begun and I am looking forward to my new stroke and faster times.’Thank you AMA Pilates,Kaylee Dakers
campkid.png“My daughter and several of the other teenage girls on our rep softball team have been taking Pilates classes with Kim over the past year.  I am amazed at the results they have achieved with their level of physical fitness, core strength, flexibility and body awareness.  Kim is extremely knowledgeable in what she does and is an excellent influence on these young women. 

She not only teaches them the importance of physical fitness and exercise she is also a great role model and teaches the girls about the benefits of taking care of their bodies and making healthy lifestyle choices. 

We will definitely continue working with her and the girls can’t wait to get out on the filed to reap the benefits of their hard work over the winter months.’

Kathy Latini
Mississauga North Girls Softball



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