Traditional Mat

Beginner Mat
: No Pilates experience is necessary to strengthen your mind and body with this introductory course. Improving posture through structured movements you will discover Pilates to be a new way to gain core strength, and flexibility.

Intermediate Mat
: Some Pilates experience is necessary as this course continues to build core strength. You will be introduced to exercise props to challenge muscle strength and stability.

Advanced Mat
: So you have mastered the basics, now the challenge lies in the advance mat repertoire which is sure to challenge you in everyway imaginable.

Small Equipment Mat

: We will use all of the following: Bosu, Pilates Ball, Toning Balls, Mini Pilates Balls and more to challenge your Pilates core and balance.

Strictly Arms & Legs
: You are strengthening your core but want to further challenge yourself; then this is your class! Come challenge your limbs by adding resistance to every exercise. 

Power Pilates
: Control, power and endurance define this very “popular” Power Pilates class.

:Taught in a traditional circuit format, you will be using all of our small equipment to challenge your arms, core, legs and cardio. A well-rounded workout.

Vertical Pilates
: Target your core in a totally different way as you challenge your balance and muscle endurance. This class will leave you feeling strengthened and realigned.

Core Cardio
: This cardio and abdominal workout is both demanding and invigorating. Tone your abdominals and focus on core strength. Experience with the AMA Pilates program is required for participation in this module.


Reformer I
: These classes are performed on the reformer and progress from essential level to an intermediate level. Participants will tone muscles, strengthen the core and receive an energizing total-body workout.

Reformer II
: Kick it up a notch in this level II class, as you perform reformer exercises from a sitting, kneeling and even standing positions. Need I say more!

Reformer/Mat Combo
: This class is a favorite amongst all clients as it allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds; a half mat/half reformer workout.

Reformer/Yoga Combo:Our Pilates/Yoga mat class is already an invigorating program focusing on strength; tone and flexibility, now imagine doing these exercises on the reformer as well!

Specialty Classes

Reach and Relax
: This class is all about stretching and increasing your range of motion from your head down to your toes. No experience needed.

Active Living Pilates
This class is catered to all of our 60+ clients. Through a series of gentle movements, we will stretch the muscles, align the spine, increase flexibility, and even build better bones. Modifications are presented, making these classes appropriate for a range of ages and ability levels.

Postnatal Pilates
Join us in this postnatal pilates class to get you back into shape, tighten your abdominals and help with any back problems after pregnancy.
Stretch Class - increase flexibility while strengthening is very important.
Stretch Class - increase flexibility while strengthening is very important.
This will aid in the prevention of injuries and ease of performing tasks.

Tai Chi: 
In this class will work on range of motion in the joints and encourage a slower moving pace with our tai chi set work.

: This class will teach you to breathe, relax, and recharge for your day.

Self Defense
You will learn the basic skills for situational grabs and ground self-defense sequences.

 Blocking, striking, and kicking targets will be the main focus in this class.
Get a great sweat in this class.

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