What is Pilates?
Pilates is a unique and effective method of core strength training. Developed by Joseph Pilates more than eighty years ago, this system is renowned for its ability to improve posture and overall health. 

Can Pilates help with my rehabilitation? 

With an emphasis placed on breath, body alignment, control, and overall form - Pilates is an excellent complement to most rehabilitation programs. The unique qualities of a Pilates exercises program will accelerate your healing process. 

Pilates based rehabilitation benefits people suffering from:
  - Chronic neck and back pain
 - Sciatica
 - Scoliosis
 - Shoulder impingement
 - Tendonitis
 - Fibromyalgia
 - Sports injuries
 - Repetitive stress injuries
 - Muscle strains

What are the benefits of a Pilates-based rehabilitation program? 
 - Improved posture
 - No impact (easy on the joints)
 - Heightened body awareness
 - Improved balance
 - Better coordination
 - Enhanced circulation
 - Greater functional fitness
 - Ease of everyday movement 

How do I get started?
We recommend that you call our studio to book an introductory session with one of our instructors. This will allow us to focus on your special needs; maximizing the results that you will achieve from our program. Working with the instructor we will choose a program that best suits your needs. 

Our Studio
We are committed professionals who are looking forward to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. At The Academy of Martial Arts, Pilates taught in a professional and supportive environment. Our instructors have all completed an extensive training program through Stott Pilates. A contemporary approach to the "mind-body method" pioneered by Joseph Pilates this program requires over 500 hours of intensive training. 

To help you meet your wellness goals we offer a variety of health and fitness programs: 
 - One-on-One training with an instructor
 - Semi-private (2 persons with an instructor)
 - Closely supervised group classes (8 student maximum)
 - Our low teacher/student ratio ensures that you receive the best possible instruction. 
 - Private and semi-private sessions can accommodate day or evening schedules. 
 - Our bright, spacious workout area is fully equipped for mat and small equipment work. 
 - Small equipment, such as fitness circles, Thera-bands, foam rollers, and Bosu Balls are often incorporated into our group classes.  
 - Our instructors are highly qualified to help you reach your health and wellness objectives. 

"After years of suffering from back pain, I discussed the benefits of Pilates with my medical practitioners.  They agreed that the strengthening of core muscles would be beneficial to my overall health and provide necessary back and body strength and flexibility. I researched various class formats before deciding on AMA Pilates at The Brampton Academy of Martial Arts.  Before commencing classes, I had a personal assessment with Pilates Instructor Kim Cyr, which provided an opportunity to view my current medical status and to create personal goals for myself. 

The classes are small, allowing for individual attention with exercises modified to best meet my personal needs.
After the first 10 week session, I have gained basic flexibility and strength which would have been impossible without this training.  I am currently enrolled in two weekly beginner sessions to continue to build my understanding of the proper way to perform each exercise for maximum benefit. I continue to look forward to the benefits of Pilates through professional training at AMA."


 “One of the challenges I frequently face as a physiotherapist dealing with clients with multiple musculoskeletal dysfunctions is planning for ongoing management of the condition when the client has achieved maximal benefit from formal physiotherapy.  A foundation for self-management is laid but most clients feel a need for an ongoing supervised exercise program. 

I was delighted to find Kim Cyr through a mutual client.  Kim has an excellent understanding of pathological conditions that require specific exercise approaches.  She customizes and progresses programs to meet the rehabilitation needs of the client.  Feedback from patients referred to Kim has been nothing but positive.  It is reassuring to know that our clients are in Kim’s capable hands.”

Yours truly,
Joanne Olsen, P.T. 
PhysioWorksPeter Burn & Associates

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