campkid.png“My daughter and several of the other teenage girls on our rep softball team have been taking Pilates classes with Kim over the past year. I am amazed at the results they have achieved with their level of physical fitness, core strength, flexibility and body awareness.

Kim is extremely knowledgeable in what she does and is an excellent influence on these young women. She not only teaches them the importance of physical fitness and exercise she is also a great role model and teaches the girls about the benefits of taking care of their bodies and making healthy lifestyle choices.

We will definitely continue working with her and the girls can’t wait to get out on the filed to reap the benefits of their hard work over the winter months.”

Kathy Latini

Mississauga North Girls Softball

“Pilates has changed my body. I didn’t think it would have this much of an impact. I’m so happy with the result of Pilates and Kim is an amazing instructor.”

Jamie - 13 years old

campkid.png“The Brampton AMA Pilates program is a diverse program catering to and challenging participants at all levels of fitness.

I take the advanced level of Pilates and find it a great workout with new and challenging exercises each week. The instructors care about your health and fitness and make each class fun and rewarding. There is nothing like Pilates to slim and tone your abs.”

K. Sloan

“Brenda and I have been attending Brampton AMA Pilatessince 2005, and have found it to be an amazing combination of stretching and strengthening exercises. As we are becoming stronger and more flexible, we find an increased ability to deal with the physical and mental stressors that life can bring. Being less fatigued has allowed us to spend more quality time and focus on each other, as each day comes to a close.

We have been involved in teaching, and taking fitness classes, in the GTA for over 15 years. Kim Cyr and her staff have expertise in Pilates and body mechanics that is in our opinion, second to none in this area. Kim is able to adapt the exercises to the individual’s abilities during the class, making it challenging and rewarding for all. By varying the weekly program, she is able to keep it ‘Alive’ and ‘Interesting’.

We strongly encourage everyone to try
AMA Pilates.”

Michael (47) & Brenda (40)

“After years of suffering from back pain, I discussed the benefits of Pilates with my medical practitioners. They agreed that the strengthening of cores muscles would be beneficial to my overall health and provide necessary back and body strength and flexibility.

I researched various class formats before deciding on
Brampton AMA Pilates. Before commencing classes, I had a personal assessment which provided an opportunity to view my current medical status and to create personal goals for myself. The classes are small, allowing for individual attention with exercises modified to best meet my personal needs.

After the first 10 week session, I have gained basic flexibility and strength which would have been impossible without this training. I am currently enrolled in two weekly beginner sessions to continue to build my understanding of the proper way to perform each exercise for maximum benefit.

I continue to look forward to the benefits of Pilates through the professional training at
Brampton AMA Pilates.”

 L. Myler

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