Promoting wellness, Corporate AMA Pilatesis an exciting program that takes advantage of moderate fitness activities to enhance your health and develop the team dynamics of your workplace.
Kim Cyr

Pilates is a core strengthening discipline that is well known for its ability to improve posture, balance, and ease the chronic pain associated with repetitive stress injuries. In the workplace our program is an excellent stress management tool that helps to reduce fatigue through a physical outlet.

“I have been involved with AMA Pilates in a lunchtime Pilates class now with our Company since September 2009 Kim Cyr was able to work around our lunch schedule and set up a class for us.
Our instructor Kassie is great.  She works with all of our unique needs to ensure we get the most out of our time with her.  It’s great to get your workout done during the day. So many of us have other commitments once we get home, that we do not take the time to look after ourselves.
This is a great way to get “me” time.  I would highly recommend it.  We are going into our 3rd session and I believe this will continue for some time.”

Stevens Group 
Brampton, Ontario 

Programs:Corporate AMA Pilates, sessions can be conducted at your workplace if satisfactory facilities are available, or they may be hosted at one of our studios for your convenience. To serve your organization at a time that is convenient to you; we offer early morning sessions, lunchtime programs, and evening classes too.

Sessions range fromThirty Minutes to One Hour in length; however they may be tailored to fit the needs of your schedule. We are equipped to offer individual sessions, termed semesters, continual ongoing classes, lunchtime seminars, group workshops, and even fitness breaks at your next company retreat.

Corporate AMA Pilates Offers:
- A positive team-building experience for everyone.
 - A preventative means of reducing repetitive injuries and chronic health issues.
 - (Lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, along with neck and shoulder fatigue)
 - Stress management through a positive physical outlet.
 - An overall sense of improved health and wellness to all who participate.
 - Strong lean muscles and that esteem boost we can all appreciate from achieving our fitness goals.

Corporate AMA Pilatespresents your employees with a positive experience in a setting outside of their typical workday atmosphere. Our programs offer a preventative means of reducing repetitive injuries and chronic health issues.

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